Yoga Teachers
Title:Yoga Teachers
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Yoga Teachers
Austin's premier yoga studio group always welcomes inquiries from qualified teachers to join our team of extraordinary yoga instructors.  Our community of teachers is welcoming and supportive, and our student base is widely appreciated as engaged, diverse and there to 'learn yoga'.  Successful teachers come from a wide range of lineages, and are deeply committed to constantly developing their skills in both the art and business of teaching yoga. Experienced, proven yoga teachers of various yoga lineages and recognized styles are welcome and encouraged to apply. Our teacher base includes teachers who make yoga their full time careers as well as teachers who teach to supplement other income, or simply because they have a deep desire  to share the teachings. Teachers who are comfortable instructing various styles of yoga to all levels of student and who are committed to ongoing education are preferred.  We believe in yoga as a primary system for health and wellness, and we strive to integrate our passion for health with our commitment to being a fully socially responsible and conscious business.  Teachers receive competitive compensation, and have ample opportunities to augment their weekly class income with workshops and other programs. We are a Mayor's Health and Fitness Council Certified Partner, and we value and support individual personal commitment to health.  Auditions are required.
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